PROSIM installs two solar powered desalination plants in Balqa, Jordan!

National Agriculture Research Centre of Jordan (NARC)

The National Agriculture Research Centre (NARC) of Jordan, partner of PROSIM Project within ENI CBC Med Programme has completed the installation of the two reverse osmosis (RO) desalination plants powered with photovoltaic (PV) panels in Balqa, Jordan. The tender for the two reverse osmosis units with solar photovoltaic was launched on the 11th October.
The two desalination units with a capacity of 10 m³/h were installed to reduce the salinity of brackish waters and prevent soil degradation in Balqa where desalinated brackish water is becoming an important water source for agricultural irrigation. The equipment will serve 4 farmers and will cover a total surface of 4 hectares.

Analysis of soil and groundwater were carried out to define their quality and to determine the technical specifications of the units. Moreover, surveys were conducted by the National Agricultural Research Centre of Jordan to select four direct beneficiaries in Balqa.
As a matter of fact, this combination of PV–RO desalination systems have proven to perform good results in arid areas, where rainfall is scarce but solar radiation and brackish groundwater are available.

Combined with other irrigation and water treatment techniques implemented in the framework of PROSIM (nano-filtration and wastewater filtration systems, irrigation and control equipment systems), a total of 70 farmers will directly benefit from the technologies in Balqa.
These technologies will also serve as demonstrations plots to be used to ensure knowledge transfer to farmers and water users’ associations.