The PPI4MED Capacitation Programme in Spain reaches an end with more than 90 participants.


On September 2023, the PPI4MED training course on Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) began in Spain, and more than 90 individuals from different organizations (private companies, research institutions, public administrations…) took part of it as students. These students were given access to a platform specifically developed for this training course, and there they could find all the content of the program that they were about to begin. The material included 36 hours of classes in video format, as all as extra material about the material of the videos. The students were invited to start watching all the videos individually and each one at their own speed, but it was strongly recommended to watch all the material before the second part of training programme started: the masterclasses and case studies. This second part was designed to build on and deepen on the knowledge acquired through the documents provided beforehand.

Between September 29th and October 6th five masterclasses were taught by the legal, technical and financial experts, who had previously been trained by the PPI4MED team, in the Training of trainers . The first three masterclasses were common for the two routes of the training course (buyers and sellers), while the other two were taught separate to each group, because the approach for each participant in PPI is different. In addition, on October 9th and October 11th there were two sessions to prepare a case study, one for the sellers and one for the buyers. Overall, an average of 25 students attended each session, which were recorded and could be found on the training platform for those unable to attend.

Finally, those students who completed all the modules (36 hours of video material, 3 masterclasses and 1 case study) could access the final test, and obtained a certificate of completion after they passed it. The PPI4MED training programme on PPI in Spain was completed by 29, of those 16 were from the buyers modality and 13 from the sellers one.

Afterwards, a survey of satisfaction was put to all students’ disposition. With this survey the PPI4MED teams aims to receive feedback from all students, no matter if they have completed the course or not, with questions focused on improving the training programme and understanding why some students did not complete the course. We are still receiving answers, and no final analysis has been done yet.