The platform of the TEC-MED project provides online coordinated assistance between the elderly, caregivers and socio-health professionals

TEC-MED Project

The TEC-MED European project focuses on transcultural care for the elderly and aims to provide coordinated, proactive, and multidisciplinary assistance to the elderly population. Within the scope of the project, Magtel has developed a software platform that makes a series of tools available to participants and interested parties to share information, carry out collaborative study activities and carry out online training. The platform has a series of functionalities that are available depending on the user's role. Navigation is done through a simple menu at the top of the website.

Among the functions is the change of language. As it is a transnational project, all the languages ​​of the countries belonging to the project have been included, such as English, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian and Arabic.

The sections included in the menu are the project, partners, administration, care, learning, and resources. The menu section "The project" includes the options of contacts, news, and downloading the TEC-MED model. The "Partners" section allows access to information on partners and associates.

The “surveys” section allows access to the available surveys. The "learning" section contains the guide options and e-training, access to the training part of the platform. The “Resources” section has the options: opportunities, publications, documentation, and access to communication channels. Finally, the active user section is located in the upper right corner, it allows us access to the user profile, the user guide, and the logout.

The "administration" section allows administrators to manage the platform, so this option will only be available to those users who have administrative permissions. You can register and manage news, contacts, users, surveys, guides, opportunities, publications, and documentation.

Regarding training, the platform provides access to an e-learning system that is progressively being used in multiple dimensions: It is used by teachers and collaborators to organize training proposals for certain groups of students. Collaboration axis for teachers/collaborators who share interests.
For the training of the teacher himself, complementing other traditional methodologies. The training system includes a series of functionalities. The main one is the courses. These are components that group topics, documents, videos, images, etc. They are the basis on which to carry out the training.

Another group of functionalities is those related to communication. The system includes a forum in which to hold discussions on the subject matter of the courses. They are the primary means of communication between users. Another means of communication is chat. This module allows real-time conversations with other users.

You can find more information on the TEC-MED platform: