Pilot action within MedArtSal project: Production of microalgae by Société SAIDA in Tunisia

Enjoy this inspiring video made by MedArtSal project team from the Tunisian company Société Saida S. A. extracting salt from the inland salina Sebkha Sidi El Heni located in the governorate of Monastir.

Within the project MedArtSal Saida is leading a pilot action for the production of Dunaniella salina: a halophyte microalgae known for its antioxidant power due to its high content in carotenoids especially beta carotene. The pilot facilities have been set up for algae growing test starting from either naturally growing Dunaliella salina or from the inoculum prepared by scaling it up from laboratory to pilot scale. The team is also studying the development of commercial products based on it such as oil extracts rich in carotenoids. They will also test the exploitation of naturally growing Dunaliella salina. Hence they continuously monitor Dunaliella concentration in the saltworks over time.

Saida is now preparing for the harvesting season of Dunaliella salina. They have just set up the dewatering unit and received the last piece of the innovative equipment. We will keep you posted about the next steps! Follow Société Saida SA and MedArtSal social media channels to stay in the loop!