Partners of BESTMEDGRAPE project in Sardinia for the kick-off meeting and launching event

Starter Società Cooperativa

The BESTMEDGRAPE project, coordinated by the University of Cagliari, had its first face-to-face meeting in Cagliari last November, from 25th to 27th. All partners from Italy, France, Lebanon, Tunisia and Jordan were present and had the opportunity to discuss and share knowledge, experiences and ideas in order to find the best ways to start the project. The main aims of the project are to support the creation of new startups by transferring scientific and technological knowledge on local grape cultivars and the exploitation of wine by-products as a source of bioactive compounds that can be transformed into innovative commercial health products.

During the first day, each partner had the opportunity to present its institution and the associated partners from its respective country; then the work packages were presented by the Beneficiary and by the respective coordinating partner. Finally, the first operational Steering Committee meeting was held, in order to share and approve some key documents.

On the second day, the morning was dedicated to a short training regarding technical, financial and communication challenges with two representatives of the ENI CBC Med Programme Managing Authority. In the evening, after a short debate, all partners participated to the launching event, with about 100 participants representing several categories of stakeholders, inclucing potential entrepreneurs, local SMEs, regional agencies involved in agriculture, etc. In order to promote synergies among ENI CBC Med projects, LIVINGAGRO project was illustrated by its Lead Beneficiary, Forestas Agency fromn Sardinia region.

The third day was devoted to the press conference: the massive participation of the media guaranteed maximum visibility for the project.

Finally, the visit to the Botanical Gardens and to the Germplasm Sardinian Bank concluded the meeting.

For more information about the BESTMEDGRAPE project ("New Business opportunities & Environmental suSTainability using MED GRAPE nanotechnological products"), please visit its website