ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM: Training on innovative organic value chain in Greece


In July 2021, 8 Greek SMEs attended the first phase of a training course on how to boost their organic production, processing and marketing know-how and skillsThe online training course for 8 SMEs in Greece is structured in two phases:

  1. Marketing strategy for organic products, digital marketing & management, use of digital tools for promotion (5 days);
  2. Development of a business plan, based on an innovative idea (5 days).

The first phase helped SMEs to understand how to implement a marketing strategy, especially through digital tools, and how to improve their web presence and visibility through search engine optimization and social media. After the successful completion of this phase, 5 SMEs will develop their business plan with the support of experts, by the end of October 2021. 

Almost all the SMEs operate in the production of organic extra virgin olive oil. Therefore, the course will facilitate their entry into the innovative organic value chain, and it will increase their competitiveness and market access at the national and cross border levels.

The second phase of the training, regarding the development of a business plan, will be completed by the end of October.

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