ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM project gathers multiple agro-food SMEs at biggest international fair in the organic sector


Between the 13th and the 17th of February, Biofach 2023 opened its doors in Nürnberg, Germany. During five days, the biggest organic fair in the world welcomed stakeholders from across the globe, including the partners of ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM and a selection of companies participating in the project.

ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM was proud to offer a platform to 14 Mediterranean SMEs from Lebanon, Jordan, Italy and Greece. These selected entrepreneurial ventures had the opportunity to exhibit their products to potential clients, to find synergies and to network between them. In fact, one of the ideas discussed was the creation of an ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM pack of products!

This was the first time that a trade mission under the Mediterranean label was carried out in the organic sector. The goal was to establish contacts for export and promotion of the Mediterranean diet in Europe. At the stand, visitors could taste typical products with great trade potential, proving that the Mediterranean can satisfy the needs of the organic supply chain as a whole.

The participating companies were:

  • Jordan:
  • Lebanon
    • Biomass: fresh produce of organic fruits and vegetables, organic table eggs, organic grocery items. A curiosity? They believe organic food is healthier, tastes better and is safer for us and the environment.
    • Agreen: goat cheeses, olive oil, apple juice, honey, burghul, thyme, eggs. A curiosity? Their Lebanese ambarees cheese is two thousand years old and it full of probiotics. 
    • Trois Collines: organic wine. A curiosity? For them, grapes have a spiritual meaning. The trimming of the fruit equals its rebirth.  
    • Zejd: olive oil. A curiosity? Zedj means olive in ancient Phoenician.
    • Adonis Valley: from zaatar to pomegranate syrup. A curiosity? They are the first organic company to be certified in Lebanon.
  • Greece
    • Therianos Family: organic high phenolic olive oil, organic raisings, table olive oil. A curiosity? Phenols, the antioxidants present in organic oil, were already used for its medical properties by ancient Greek philosophers. 
    • Golden Tree: extra virgin high phenolic olive oil, organic olives.
  • Italy

The most special part of the event was the mission behind it: to promote organic agriculture as a fruitful sector that is linked to positive values. Some of the ideas mentioned were Mediterranean culture and its historic roots, family businesses, resilience, an uplifting look on life and giving back to society while taking care of the land and the environment.