ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM: Organic date seed, a key feedstock for coffee production


Sami Ali - CEO & Founder of Madaba Heritage Company for Coffee Production, is an organic operator in Jordan that had an innovative idea to produce coffee from organic date seed. His mother was looking for solutions to increase nutritional value of her children's food to strengthen their immune system and found out that organic date seed is a key component. Therefore, they started to produce coffee from date seed to the whole world.

Sami Ali illustrated that after COVID-19, more attention was given to organic food. For this reason, they started to produce not only organic date coffee but also paste and syrup, and aim to change food behaviour locally and globally through their organic products.

Sami was among the operators who have participated in the Innovative value chain training program of the ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM project, which aimed to increase SMEs' competitiveness and facilitate market access at national and cross border levels and give new businesses or already establish ones, the support to improve the way they produce, process, market or export organic products.  

He stated “My participation in the innovative organic value chain courses had the greatest role in helping me to increase and strengthen my skills, which helped me in my work greatly.”


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