New GREENinMED Information Pill on WeCo's Toilet as a more sustainable solution for hotels' bathrooms


The GREENinMED project has just released a new Information Pill on the WeCo Ecological Toilet, and its potential benefits for the tourism industry. GREENinMED is a transboundary project aiming to make the Mediterranean tourism industry more sustainable through targeted actions and spread of information.

WeCo, founded in 2014, is a French company offering a system that offers autonomy with every flush. By creating an alternative to standard public toilet systems, WeCo is fulfilling an important opportunity to reduce water, electricity, and financial consumption related to the management of sewage and human waste. Designed to be a closed-circuit technology complete with on-site primary treatment, this wastewater recycling system provides an environmentally friendly and safe means of reducing reliance on water and electricity utilities. WeCo did not stop at just the treatment of human waste but has considered how the input of material can help the system serve yet a better purpose. When urine and feces are input to the system, they go to a sedimentation tank to be separated prior to electrolysis. The urine provides water volume, and the surplus water can legally be used for irrigation or cleaning. The solid sewage may be removed when necessary and find its fate in a compost pile, thus continuing the natural nutrient cycle. If paired with a solar panel system, this solution can offer complete independence from water and energy bills and be sustained completely on renewable energy.

The WeCo wastewater recycling technology can lead to tremendous savings for a consumer of large volumes of water and electricity, such as hotels or event halls. The modular and transportable features of the product also provide greater attraction, as they can be utilized during expected short term increases in tourism including conferences, conventions, or holiday seasons. Though an entire facility is offered by WeCo, it is also optional to use just the technology and integrate it into an existing toilet system. In addition to technical prowess, the company is also mindful of user experience. Multiple designs are available as well as a variety of interior features including baby changing stations and sound ambiance. With the WeCo solution, the need for hospitality organizations to cycle through billions of liters of potentially recyclable water every year can become a worry of the past. Existing clients include schools, festival organizers, and municipal bodies.

To read the the full Information Pill, as well as other publications please visit the project library.