New GREENinMED Information Pill presents HYDRAO's solutions for water conservation


The GREENinMED project has just released a new Information Pill on smart solutions for water conservation created by HYDRAO, and their potential uses in the tourism industry. GREENinMED is a transboundary project aiming to make the Mediterranean tourism industry more sustainable through targeted actions and spread of information.

Founded in 2015, HYDRAO has created a line of products for use in the domestic and tourism sectors which serve to address the looming issue of global water scarcity. The French company has targeted water use in showers to find a solution that saves water, electricity, and ultimately cuts costs for consumers. HYDRAO’s smart shower heads are complete with the Nudge light system that allows users to track consumption volume in real time. In addition, each shower head is designed with a 6.6L/min flow. By incorporating ecological design with technology driven to alter behavioural change, HYDRAO has the potential to save up to €150 per year per person on utility costs.

When on vacation, guests are known to use up to twice as much shower water in a hotel than in their own homes. On average, water bills represent roughly 10% of a hotel’s total expenses. HYDRAO’s shower head devices, along with its cloud-based water management solution platform has given hospitality facilities the ability to monitor and improve the efficiency of the water consumption habits of their guests. The volume of users in this industry means that even slight improvements to one shower head can save thousands of gallons of water per year.

To read the the full Information Pill, as well as other publications please visit the project library.