NAWAMED: 4 knowledge transfer webinars on domestic water reuse for the project team members


NAWAMED project team continues to work on the planned activities. In these weeks, technical partner IRIDRA is developing a set of knowledge transfer webinars to mitigate the impact of the travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent lack of technical visits to the pilot sites. 

The aim of the webinars is to transfer information from IRIDRA, that is in charge of the design of the pilot installations, to the project partners that will finalise them in their countries (Provincia di Latina - Italy, Centro Euromediterraneo per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile - Italy, Centre For Water Research And Technologies - Tunisia, University of Jordan - Jordan, American University of Beirut - Lebanon). The webinars will focus on the technologies that will be implemented in the NAWAMED project, such as green walls, constructed wetland, sustainable urban drainage systems, with concrete examples from the NAWAMED locations and experiences. 

In detail, the webinars are scheduled as follows: 

1st webinar - 14th July 2020: Sustainable water management and Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), held by Dr. Fabio Masi. It provides basic knowledge related to sustainable water management (wastewater separation, non-conventional water resources). Through the explanation of constructed wetland treatment processes (physical, biological, physiological), the module highlights also the role of NBS for sustainable water management in line with circular economy concepts.

2nd webinar - 16 th July 2020: Conventional constructed wetlands, held by Dr. M.E. Anacleto Rizzo. It provides basic knowledge related to conventional constructed wetland (horizontal, vertical subsurface flow systems; free water surface systems), including the design methodologies.

3rd webinar - 21st July 2020: Innovative NBS solutions, held by Dr. Fabio Masi. It provides basic knowledge related to innovative NBS solutions (green walls, aerated wetlands, roof wetlands, NBS for rainwater harvesting), including the design methodologies.

4th webinar - 23rd July 2020: NBS implementation and Operation and Maintenance (O&M), held by Dr. M.E. Riccardo Bresciani. It illustrates the main implementation phases for the realization of an NBS as well as indications on O&M activities to be carried out for having a successful and long-term functioning of the NBS.

IRIDRA experts will be addressing the partners’ team members involved in the project activity “Pilot installations of domestic water reuse: design, construction, monitoring”, but keeping the number to a minimum to facilitate the discussion and the interaction between the participants. Indeed, questions and clarifications sessions will be the key to the success of the meetings and to the finalisation of the pilot installations. For that, the recording of the meetings and the documents used will be made available to the project teams.