NAWAMED presents its nature-based solutions to the participants of the Tunisian Water Days


NAWAMED participated in the innovation forum organized as part of the first Tunisian Water Days held in Tunis from the 5th to 11th of December, 2021.

The four major actors in the innovation system, aiming to treat and reuse municipal and industrial wastewater from the agri-food sector: science, policy, industry, and society were present. 

It was therefore an interesting platform to present NAWAMED project and its innovative solutions. The participation of NAWAMED was an oral communication by the team of the Water Research and Technology Center (CERTE) and a poster presentation at the exhibition and during the visit to CERTE of participants. It allowed to give the Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) their importance among the usual treatment technologies and to underline the innovative character of the green wall as a non-conventional water treatment process adapted to the urban environment as well as the potential direct and indirect benefits such as adaptation to climate change or supporting the process of change towards a sustainable green city.  

More than 100 participants composed by 22% academics, 16% researchers, 19% private organizations, 12% public organizations, 22% industries, 7% others (professional associations) attended, making the forum an interesting moment to reach different kind of stakeholders. 

Tunisian water days are organised in the frame of the SUSPIRE project "Sustainable decentralized industrial wastewater recycling in rural areas - poultry slaughterhouse as an example", a collaborative project between Tunisia and Germany and the TWEED project - Transformation in Water, Energy and Education-  funded by DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service in which CERTE-LabEaUE is a partner. The whole event constitutes "TN Water Days – Tunisian Water Days". A step and a hope towards the future organization of "TN Water week".