NAWAMED presented to Latin American Countries for facing the global climate challenges


A meeting with the prestigious delegation of ambassadors of Latin American Countries in Italy was held on July 12 at the Municipality of Ferla (SR), associated partner of NAWAMED, for presenting the several good practices developed in Ferla, including NAWAMED. 

The Ambassador of Cuba, the Ambassador of Uruguay, the Consul of Costa Rica, the representatives of the Embassies of Colombia and Mexico where hosted by the Mayor of Ferla, thanks to an initiative promoted by the intergovernmental body IILA - International Italo-Latin American Organization in synergy with GLOBE - the Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment.

The IILA project “Circular economy and green cities” aims to promote the exchange of know-how focusing and deepening the good practices related to the resources’ management.  Ferla is an excellent example of public administration that reached important results in waste management, and now is one of the first Energy Communities in Italy, thanks to a collaboration with the University of Catania, and to the living green wall to be installed in their school, thanks to NAWAMED, they will be the first to adopt this innovative nature-based solution for the reuse of greywater in Italy.

Barbara Sarnari, for the EuroMediterranean Center for the Sustainable Development – SVI.MED, partner of the project, initially described the main aim of NAWAMED and the concept behind the proposed solutions. The main message was the will to shift from a “linear” to a “circular” approach, from a centralized to a decentralized management of water at urban level. Furthermore, it was underlined as observing nature, we can learn and tailor solutions (Nature-Based Solutions such as constructed wetland systems) to be integrated into the complex water management system in order to reuse water, supply contemporary ecosystem services and foster a wider urban regeneration. 

Participants appreciated the project and thus further information were supplied showing how the living green wall is working in Ferla, how many cubic meters of greywater is treating and reusing for flushing toilets, which kind of plants are used for the greenwall and other further benefits produced besides the greywater treatment.

At the end of the morning, it was clear that this quick and intense meeting was the beginning for many possible collaborations:  the challenge faced by Ferla, that demonstrated a consistent and clear vision on how making a community more resilient, enhancing the quality of life, is also the challenge of many other communities around the world! 

The Ambassador of Cuba underlined the similarities between the territories, for climate and life style, make easier the dialogue and the transfer of good practices around the Latin American Countries.

What do we think? We are ready!