NAWAMED e-Technical Workshop: an exciting experience to enhance the capacity building on Nature-Based Solutions and greywater reuse


The e-TWS, which took place from the 1st to the 8th of March 2021, was organised in the NAWAMED project framework by the Centre de Recherches et des Technologies des Eaux - CERTE with the support of IRIDRA Srl. and the EuroMediterranean Center for the Sustainable Development - SVI.MED.

The first part, open to 120 participants from 16 Countries, focused on Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) for greywater treatment in urban areas and the main barriers and challenges for their implementation (presentations and videos available here below). Thanks to the networking with the AQUACYCLE (ENI CBC MED) and HYDROUSA (HORIZON 2020) projects, the session allowed an exchange of experiences on innovative NBS case studies integrating sustainability, energy nexus and circular economy. Irene Morell Rodríguez, on behalf of the ENI CBC MED programme, underlined the need to foster a common and sustainable water strategy at the Mediterranean level.

The final debate highlighted the high interest in the issues tackled. With a live survey, we identified the main challenges perceived as limiting the widespread of NBS on a large scale: the lack of specialised companies, the social acceptance, and the technology transfer. We need to develop new common activities to tackle these issues.

The second part saw the selection of 24 participants to work in groups and analyse 4 case studies from the NAWAMED pilots to:
1. Understand the operating principle of Constructed Wetland and Living Green Wall
2. Analyse a real situation to treat wastewater and propose appropriate reuse options
3. Know the key design parameters and boundary conditions
4. Develop an NBS system and apply dimensioning and conceptual design

The selection was more difficult than expected, as we received more than 120 requests from engineers, architects, urban water managers and technicians from…everywhere. Eventually, we selected 24 participants, mainly from the NAWAMED Countries, focusing on skills and expertise to build multi-disciplinary and multi-national working groups


Two NAWAMED experts for each working group led the five sessions. The experts guided the four groups to work together in a friendly and stimulating atmosphere and challenge them to dimensioning and designing an NBS for greywater treatment and reuse.

I was comfortable with the methodology used in the training session, and the workshop met and exceeded my expectations. Finally, the presentations of experts were very informative.

The outcomes were so interesting and stimulating that we believe we should repeat this experience at the end of the project. The issues we tackled are innovative topics and the technicians need to share ideas and enhance their capacity and know-how.

If we want to apply the holistic approach in the water-energy nexus and involve Nature-Based Solutions we need to start working together. Technical sessions are just the starting point and are super useful and important at this stage of application in terms of greywater reuse

“Challenging, innovative, Inspiring, interesting” are the main keywords the participants used to describe their feelings on the 5 days they worked together.  The words of one of the e-TWS speakers and expert reflect the wish and will of the NAWAMED partnership:

I really enjoyed the possibility to share in such a way our knowledge, and I hope that some of the participants could propose these solutions in their carriers and in their countries.



The e-TWS created a strong network of change-makers committed to widespread NBS systems for the reuse of greywater. Once the NAWAMED pilot plants are installed, the training activities will continue at the local level and further enhance the results already achieved with this successful experience.

For more information about the project visit here.

Download the e-TWS’ brochure here.

Download the ppt and watch the presentations of the speakers of the open session: 

- Designing urban NBSs for SWM: focus on greywater, Fabio Masi – Iridra Srl, Video presentationPower Point Presentation

- NBS at European level: projects, results and publications, Barbara Sarnari – SVI.MED. onlus, Video presentation – Power Point Presentation

- ENI CBC MED Programme support to environmental sustainability in the Mediterranean area, Irene Morell Rodríguez – Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) - ENI CBC MED Programme, Video presentation – Power Point Presentation

- Designing an eco-innovative NBS system as demonstration units for municipal wastewater treatment and reuse: case studies presentation, Konstantinos Plakas, Centre for Research and Technology, Hellas ENI CBC MED AQUACYCLE project, Video presentation – Power Point Presentation

- Circular economy in water management for the Mediterranean islands, Eleni Nyktari - National Technical University of Athens, H2020 HYDROUSA project, Video presentationPower Point Presentation 

- Final debate, Video