NAWAMED closing conference highlights innovative solutions and best practices to reuse grey water in the Mediterranean region


The NAWAMED project, an ambitious project aimed at transforming water management towards sustainability, celebrated its final event on 18 July 2023 in Latina (Italy). The day began with the last meeting of the project partners, followed by a closing conference that brought together experts, stakeholders and local institutions.

The conference opened with a press review and greetings from local institutions, expressing their appreciation for the project's commitment to tackling water scarcity and promoting environmental stewardship. 

The Province has developed a particular environmental sensitivity in this issue in recent years, carrying out numerous projects, including NAWAMED, regardless of the political leadership of the entity. The solutions identified for water reuse are, at least in part, a response to the evident climate change, and I am proud to represent an entity that has chosen to invest in projects of absolute environmental value

Giulio Conte of IRIDRA, NAWAMED’s technical partner, joined Fabio Zaccarelli, NAWAMED project coordinator (Province of Latina), and Danilo Sebastiano Di Senso, construction supervisor at the Latina pilot plant, to present NAWAMED achievements, design criteria and pilot plants for the recovery, treatment and reuse of Non-Conventional Water (NCW). 

The conference continued with roundtable discussions in which the partners, Centre des Recherches et des Technologies des Eaux - CERTE of Tunis, University of Jordan, American University of Beirut and SVI.MED. EuroMediterranean Center for the Sustainable Development from Italy, highlighted the focus, successes and challenges faced during the implementation of the project. The collaborative approach and fruitful cooperation between partners were praised, highlighting the project's positive impact on water management practices at both local and international levels. 

As the event progressed, Manuel Sapiano from the Energy and Water Agency of Malta (EWA), another NAWAMED partner, provided invaluable recommendations and useful tools for managing water according to the Mediterranean Policy Document, achieved by capitalising on the regional work developed by partners with the local stakeholders. His expertise and insights provided valuable guidance for future NCW use and Nature-based Solutions projects.

The event's highlight was screening the short film "Gocce di Rugiada" (Drops of Dew), produced by NAWAMED. The film is a cinematic product addressing the immense importance of responsible water management in today's world, especially in the Mediterranean region. The screening captivated the audience, sparking curiosity and generating thoughtful questions about the project's impact and potential future initiatives. 

All the partners are now in the process of finalising all the activities before the end of the project in September 2023.

The NAWAMED project had an undeniable success, marking a significant milestone in pursuing sustainable water management solutions. The collaboration between partners, the innovative pilot plants, and the insights gained throughout the project will undoubtedly serve as a driving force in promoting responsible water usage and environmental conservation in the Mediterranean area.