Cinema narrates non-conventional water resources: discover 'Gocce di Rugiada' (Drop of Dew), the impactful short movie produced by NAWAMED project


In a Mediterranean region facing environmental challenges and growing demand for resources, the NAWAMED project has taken a unique approach to raising awareness and promoting Non-Conventional Water Resources (NCWR). Through a thought-provoking short film entitled “Gocce di Rugiada” (Drop of Dew), the project aims at engaging a wide audience by using the power of cinematic language to highlight the needs behind these alternative approaches. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic outbreak, the project brought together a complex script and a team of professional actors to create an engaging and powerful film. 

IRIDRA and SVI.MED. - Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Sustainable Development, partners of NAWAMED, combined their know-how and expertise to face this new challenge with enthusiasm and curiosity. It has been an exciting journey. We are proud of the outcomes that we achieved thanks to the absolute professional support of BRANDGNU, which used its vast experience in the field, creativity and eagerness to produce a very successful short film.

Cinema has always been a powerful medium for communicating messages and ideas to the public. By harnessing the visual and auditory elements, a short film can make a lasting impact on viewers. NAWAMED recognises the potential of this medium to captivate audiences and make them think about the urgency of promoting Nature-based Solutions (NbS) and the use of NCWR. 

We are taken along with Emma (Jara Drop), the protagonist of this story, as she searches for a practical and concrete solution to the water shortage that is preventing her from watering her lemon tree, a present of her father (Matteo De Mojana). Emma, a determined girl who tries everything, embodies a generation to whom we are leaving this world, with fewer resources and more insecurities. She discovers, thanks to her mother (Martina Sammarco), that Nature provides the solution she is looking for, that it is up to us to see and value it, building on innovative solutions that benefit from the power of Nature. 

Of exceptional value was the participation of the students of the Valle dell'Anapo Institute in Ferla (Italy), the school in Sicily that has become an example of foresight and innovation since the installation of the “Wall2Water” (green wall for treating and reusing grey water), who, on a hot summer's day, enthusiastically took part in the shooting of the short film. The involvement of these young people is one of the most significant aspects of the film, which has made them the first-person protagonists of a real story that they have already begun to write.

The short film, shot in Italian and subtitled in English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Catalan and soon in Greek, is a candidate for numerous international film festivals and has already been selected by three of them.

The Steve Aronson International Film Festival, where the short film is a finalist, that brings nature-focused films from all over the globe to viewers. This year’s festival will be held in Costa Rica in July 2023.

The third edition of GEOFILMFESTIVAL, "The Golden Earth" International Film Award, in Italy, that offers itself to all operators, filmmakers and the general public as competition and innovation for its theme: The Environment. 

The Med-Limes "At the borders of the Mediterranean Sea" Sixth edition - Images and Stories of the borders of the Mediterranean Sea, an International Short Film Festival which took place in Salerno (Italy) in May 2023.

NAWAMED’s commitment to its vision, the complexity of the script, and the professionalism of the actors and the crew have ensured the creation of a compelling and impactful piece of cinema. As viewers are transported into NCWR, they are inspired to reflect, engage, and take action towards a more sustainable future.

Watch the trailer here and contact us ( if you want to screen the short film in your city, school, festival… before it is made public!