NAWAMED: Challenges for promoting Water Demand Management/Non-Conventional Water Resources technologies in Tunisia


Tunisian actors in the field of water together around the water table of the NAWAMED Project to discuss about Challenges for promoting the adoption of water demand management (WDM) and non-conventional water resource (NCWR) technologies. This 4th workshop will therefore analyze the identified barriers and enablers which would have been identified during the previous three national stakeholder meetings and try to develop a linkage between them. This linkage will facilitate the identification of promotion opportunities which will result into increasing the uptake of these technologies .

The Centre for Water Research and Technologies (CERTE), partner of NAWAMED project, organizes the 4th Tunisian Water table on 27th May 2022. 

The Workshop programme will start by a brief presentation of the NAWAMED project objective followed by a summary of the main outputs of the water table describing the current challenges which the country faces towards promoting water demand management and non-conventional water resources technologies.

A "World café" debate related to non-conventional water (rain water, grey water) will focus on three topics:

1/ Barriers, financial instruments and promotion of the technology,

2/ Acceptability, availability, good practices and health safety of the technologies among users,

3/ Market access, public-private partnership, financial support and legal and administrative framework.

At the end of the workshop, a recommendations session is planned dealing with the two issues:

  • Water Tables and After?
  • How to concretize together these outputs and for what impact?

The final conclusions will lead NAWAMED partners to the formulation of a set of specific policy recommendations. Furthermore, these conclusions will be key to the development of a “Mediterranean Policy Document” which shall identify the key policy approaches required to support the increased adoption of WDM / NCWR at Mediterranean level.

The event, from 08:30 to 13:00 (Tunis time) will be developed in French language and held at Golden Tulip Hotel, Tunis.