NAWAMED celebrates the World Water Day 2022 by launching a message of sustainability and innovation to the new generations


Groundwater is invisible, but its impact is visible everywhere.

This is one of the key messages of the World Water Day 2022, that emphasises the importance to work together to sustainably manage this precious resource.

NAWAMED project, for the second year, celebrates this International Day promoting concrete solutions to preserve and reuse water replacing the use of potable ones by using Non-Conventional Water (NCW) resources: greywater can be reused for WC flushing and irrigation thanks to the implementation of decentralised treatment systems, serving one or a few buildings.

This innovative, sustainable, and low-cost treatment technology is going to be realized in the Municipality of Ferla in Sicily, Italy, one of the Mediterranean pilot area involved in the project (more details here).

In particular, the school of Ferla was chosen as the right place where to install a green wall for treating the greywater to be reused for WC and irrigation. The direct involvement of students in the project activities will allow to increase the environmental performance of the local school building and improve consumptions in terms of energy efficiency, waste management and water resources, but also to train future citizens to be more sensitive and attentive to environmental issues.

SVI.MED. (EuroMediterranean Center for the Sustainable Development), responsible for NAWAMED communication, decided to launch a message of sustainability and innovation to the new generations inviting directly the students to share their expectations and thoughts on the value of their innovative vertical constructed wetland plant through a short video available on youtube.

The green wall that will be developed in our school allows us to save the amount of water currently used for the toilet discharge by reusing the water coming from the sink drain. We are so proud that our school is the first ever to have a system to produce water!

We talk about problems all the time but I think it’s better be part of the solution! Soon we will take much less water from the earth and pollute it less! And you, what are you waiting for?

The Green wall in Ferla will be ready in April, when the temperature will be higher, climate changes are affecting also our works in the pilot school in Ferla.

So what are you waitign for?? 

Come and book your trip to Ferla and listen to our students explaining the first Green wall in Sicily !! 

If you want to learn how nature-based solutions can boost NCW use in households, you can watch the video animation and understand how Nawamed partners transform a building into a water producer rather than a water consumer: