MYSEA in Tunisia meets young candidates and sets up training courses together with Job Orientation Experts


Job orientation experts working with the Tunisian Union of Social Solidarity (UTSS), the Tunisian partner of the EU-funded project “MYSEA”, started on 3rd November 2022 the first coaching sessions for pre-selected candidates who applied through an online form to participate in the four training courses that are the core activity of the project.
The objective is to train and professionalise young, women who are Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET)  in the agri-food and waste management sectors with the aim of professional insertion and the creation of associations in Tunisia.

After analysing more than 1,500 applications to the online form, and contacting 1,300 candidates after the first pre-selection, Login Consulting experts met the selected candidates for a collective coaching session. The coaches met the young people in the regions of intervention in Tunisia, namely the Grand Tunis Region and the governorates of Nabeul and Bizerte.
The sessions allowed the experts to proceed with the pre-selection procedures to ensure that at least 250 beneficiaries would participate in the training courses.

The coaching sessions focused on capturing the interest and motivation of the beneficiaries with respect to their participation in the project activities, and were an opportunity to explain in general the content of the training programmes and present MYSEA project, describing its partnership and how it reflects one of the priorities of the ENI CBC MED programme, that of social inclusion and the fight against poverty
These sessions were also a fruitful opportunity for the young candidates to exchange views and build together a training programme that would fully meet their needs as the cornerstone of the project.

The active participation and interest shown by the candidates in the 4 training courses proposed by MYSEA project (transversal, sectoral, entrepreneurial and digital, oriented toward the application of these skills in the Blue & Green Economy) already proved to be good indicators for the success of the forthcoming activities and for the launch of the planned trainings.


Moreover, on Thursday 10 November 2022, UTSS hosted a coordination meeting of forthcoming activities with the Job orientation experts of Login Consulting, the Tamk-in Academy Training Centre, a representative of CIES Onlus and with the presence of the Interreg Volunteer Youth, to discuss the preparation of the trainings for young, women and NEETs that are starting in Tunisia in the next weeks.

The meeting also allowed the various actors to exchange the excellent results obtained so far in terms of enrolments received in the trainings through an online form, an update on the content of the training programmes, and identify possible scenarios for the dissemination of activities, such as an information day that would be an opportunity for the beneficiaries to meet the experts working in the mission and promote the project.

For MYSEA project it has represented a proof of how the commitment, cooperation of all parties participating in the project will enable a great involvement of the project beneficiaries, who have already expressed a strong motivation and interest in the start of the trainings.