MYSEA Project Coordination Meeting: project partners united to invite stakeholders to join the project activities

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

Coordination is key for an efficient project management, as it ensures quality, distribution of priorities and tasks and effective time management. It is in this vision that MYSEA project partners met online on 7th of June for a coordination meeting, sharing information about the state of the art of the project, lessons learned, activities to be organized and methodologies to be considered.

Among the several issues discussed, a special attention has been given to the next phase of the EU-funded project “MYSEA: Mediterranean Youth, NEETs and women advancing Skills, Employment and Awareness in the blue and green economy”; in fact, the project aims at merging economic market growth opportunities within the green and blue economy with employment schemes, as well as to look at prospective adjustments in the dedicated national policies, to improve national employment schemes, and to build innovative sectorial alliances. But to do so, it is essential to conduct specific preliminary research to get a valuable baseline useful to take the most out of the project activities.

It is in this context that the coordination meeting gave the opportunity to two specific partners - the University of Palermo - Department of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Sciences (UNIPA) and the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) - to illustrate the format of questionnaires and interviews which will be used by all project partners with the aim to identify key factors for the promotion of innovation, competitiveness, inclusion and employment in the agri-food and waste management industry, and to support actions in favour of youth, NEETs and women that are underrepresented in the labour market.

Each country will conduct this step of the research phase as follows:

  • 250 questionnaires filled by Youth, Women and NEETs.
  • 100 questionnaires filled by Economic Actors.
  • 20 questionnaires filled by TVET institutions.
  • 25 interviews with TVET employees/managers. 
  • 25 interviews with Economic Actors in the Agri-food and Waste Management industries.

Target stakeholders will be soon contacted to share valuable information within this context, therefore MYSEA project partners invite our readers to stay tuned to not miss project updates and news, and to share their interest in being involved if interested.

Regarding this, specific Open Days events will follow in each partner country during the first days of July, in the wake of the one already held in Lebanon by the Lebanese Development Network. In Italy, an Open day will be steamed online on the 7th of July to raise awareness of the MYSEA research and training activities to be conducted and to raise interest of various stakeholders in the regions of Lazio and Sicily. Concerning the countries of Tunisia, Greece and Jordan, news on their open days will be readily made available soon.