MYSEA in Jordan launches a tender for logistics of training workshops´ implementation

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels

The Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), partner of the EU-funded project ‘Mediterranean Youth, NEETs and women advancing Skills, Employment and Awareness in the blue and green economy’ (MYSEA), is looking for an external service for Logistics of Training Workshops Implementation for the activities foreseen under Work Package 4.

The deadline for the submission of applications is 06.06.2022.

Related information on the main responsibilities, qualifications and skills, professional experience, and procedures for application are available on this link:

Tender for External Services Description: Logistics of Training Workshops Implementation

The full text of the Tender can also be found here.


About Mediterranean Youth, NEETs and women advancing Skills, Employment and Awareness in the blue and green economy project
Given demographic changes, skill mismatches, rigid regulations, gender gaps and persistence of certain social-cultural norms, the Euro-Mediterranean region face common unemployment rates of youth, mainly NEETs, and women are underrepresented in the labour market. Moreover, the growing proliferation of sustainable and eco-responsible innovations in the agri-food and waste management requires new occupational profiles. To achieve this goal, MYSEA aims, from one side, to identify existing and emerging skills and professional needs through oriented training, coaching and mentoring, from the other side, to involve technical and vocational education and training (VTET) institutions and enterprises encouraging sector-skills alliances through apprenticeship, traineeship and on-the-job training. The project will result in opportunities for youth women and NEETs to apply the soft and hard skills learned during the training and offer a platform to exchange experiences and implement national employment schemes in favour of youth employment.