MYSEA in Italy rolls out a complete and free program of courses on the Blue & Green Economy

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In December 2022, MYSEA will kick off the orientation and training courses "Working in the Blue & Green Economy. Skills and new professional profiles in the Agri-food and Waste Management sectors" in the regions of Lazio and Sicily in Italy.

The activities which are coordinated by CIES Onlus - Lead Beneficiary of MYSEA project - will be delivered by two training providers to whom we are pleased to welcome within the MYSEA project: Speha Fresia in the Lazio region, and Promimpresa in Sicily.

The training will be divided into two parts: the first one is theoretical, focusing on the agrifood and waste management sectors; the second one consists of practical field training.

The theoretical part includes “three plus one” courses, each lasting 100 hours:
- Blue & Green Economy Training Course;
- Training Course on Digital Skills;
- Training Course on Transversal Skills;
- An additional (optional) Course on Entrepreneurship.

Each course is divided into 5 modules of 20 hours.

The training is built on individual paths, and the courses will be developed in a hybrid mode, mainly online, but also through thematic forums to be attended in presence.

At the end of the theoretical training, trainees will have the opportunity to do an on-the-job training at local production companies that follow social and environmental sustainability.


The courses are reserved for those who live in the regions of Lazio and Sicily, and who meet the following requirements:
- Young people between the ages of 18 and 24;
- Young people currently unemployed and not in training, aged between 18 and 30;
- Women with no age limit.

Activities are scheduled to begin on December 12, 2022.


Find out more about MYSEA training courses in Italy: CLICK HERE for more information and to register (in Italian)


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