MoreThanAJob subgrantee in Greece joins forces with Drama Chamber of Commerce and Industry to support vulnerable groups


On Monday 5 September 2022, representatives of the Drama Chamber of Commerce and Industry and KMOP, the actors behind the Greek subgrant project EdAct, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Their partnership reinforces the collaboration of the two parties towards the inclusion of youth, uneducated, and migrants into the labour market. It also highlights the importance of synergies between public authorities and actors of the Social and Solidarity Economy.

The Chamber was represented by its president, Mr Stefanos Georgiadis, and KMOP was represented by its Head of EU Programmes, Mr Giannis Chatziris. The MoU between them provides a framework of collaboration and support for the implementation of the subgrant, and the provision of services to the subgrant’s beneficiaries.

The Chamber offers deep knowledge of the current status of the economy and labour market and a big network, while KMOP provides the technical know-how of provision of training. By joining forces, the two parties can provide opportunities for growth and employment to vulnerable groups. The ultimate goal is to train 100 beneficiaries from all over the country, so that they can be (re)integrated in the Greek labour market.

Among the Chamber’s roles is the protection and development of trade, industry, crafts and trades within the framework of the requirements of the national economy. It also responsibly informs and advises its members on matters of multi-faceted business development in the area. With this agreement, it plays an active role in the implementation of the project. Through the design and initial phases of the implementation, it has already exchanged data and ideas around the current needs of the market and what training would be the most helpful to the beneficiaries. Being located in Northern Greece, it also helps with promoting the educational platform developed in the context of the subgrant to more areas of the country.

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