MoreThanAJob reviews national policies with public authorities in Jordan to foster job creation among the marginalized groups


In the framework of "Reinforcing social and solidarity economy for the unemployed, uneducated and refugees" Project (MoreThanAJob), Mutah University, MoreThanAJob project's partner, paid several visits to a number of public authorities in Jordan during June, 2021, including the Social Security Corporation, the Ministry of labor, the Ministry of public Works and Housing, the Ministry of Education and Technical, and the Vocational Skills Development Commission to review national strategies to foster job creation among the marginalized groups.

The visits aimed to develop innovative solutions through active engagement with public, private, and civil society stakeholders to enable solutions for all marginalized groups at scale.

During the visits, a pragmatic approach has been implemented to identify solutions for youth employment and link stakeholders from all sectors together, learn more consistently from each other and from high-quality evidence, and leverage each other's actions, knowledge, and resources to increase the number of marginalized groups engaged in the labor market.

MoreThanAJob team from Mutah University discussed with the public authorities' representatives how to equip the marginalized groups especially young people with the means to take advantage of economic opportunities and achieve productive work. These include identifying skill gaps, providing training and skills development, assisting with the development and growth of enterprises, assisting with job search and acquisition, and designing interventions to keep young people in jobs once they are employed.

The visits included various spaces for dialogue between the participants to address the government's national polices about unemployment, poverty, refugees and uneducated people, and discuss how the government needs to create an environment and policies that enable the building of skills and the creation of jobs.

As part of these visits, Mutah University's representatives discussed with the public authorities how they need to provide an environment conducive to job creation and youth success through sound governance and management of resources, inclusive policies and plans, equitable delivery of services (education), and infrastructure that supports a vibrant and innovative private sector.

They also discussed how to implement policies and programs that advance the employment of vulnerable groups and provide them with pathways to economic opportunities and employment.

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