MoreThanAJob Project's Partners in Palestine participate in the closing ceremony of the Italian project “Let’s Start Up” to strengthen the two projects synergy: together to help the uneducated and unemployed


On Thursday, July 29, 202, Nablus Chamber of Commerce & Industry and An-Najah National University as local partners of "Reinforcing social and solidarity economy for the unemployed, uneducated and refugees" Project (MoreThanAJob) in Palestine participated in the closing ceremony of the Italian Project “Let’s Start Up” funded by IACD, (Italian Agency for Cooperation and development).

The Final Event "Let's start-up project: When economy becomes social. Inclusive business and self-employment for women with disabilities and Mothers of people with disabilities in Palestine – in partnership with EducAid " aims to develop the full potential of each woman ready to embark on a professional project.

This event came after 4 years of work to select, train, support women with disabilities and mothers of children with disabilities in an empowerment journey. The project aimed at achieving economic independence and social recognition; with the joint endeavors of the Italian and Palestinian partners.

The project targeted two Governorates in Palestine; Nablus and Ramallah where 16 beneficiaries took the grants and started their own businesses.

During the event, representatives of Nablus Chamber of Commerce & Industry and An-Najah National University had the opportunity to present an overview about MoreThanAJob project. All the participants got a better understanding of the priorities, objectives, work package, and the progress of each project.

The ceremony was an opportunity to launch a consultation towards initiatives on synergies and complementarities to achieve their common goal: to help vulnerable and unemployed groups.


The main results of the final event can be summarized as follows:

It was clarified that “Let’s Start Up” project offered grants to 16 beneficiaries of women with disabilities and mothers of children with disabilities. The participants formulated concrete proposals for extending collaboration with others.

In addition, participants agreed that partnerships between the private sector, universities and social institutions that aim at serving the vulnerable groups in the Palestinian community should be strengthened.

In the synergy event, the project partners gave a more detailed outline of the project activities already carried out or planned. An extremely profitable discussion pursued on how activities results might be shared in order to benefit the main stakeholders: young people and, vulnerable groups.

Unity is strength!

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