MoreThanAJob in Lebanon awards 2 grants to address social and economic resilience in deprived areas


In May 2021, MoreThanAJob project, launched a call for proposals for sub-grants to be awarded to the Social Solidarity Economy ‘SSE’ institutions and entities to support cooperation between Social and Solidarity Economy actors and Public Administration (PA) actors in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Greece and Italy to support social and labour inclusion of vulnerable groups, with an emphasis on creating jobs and supporting young people and women.

A high standard of proposals was received from several institutions in Lebanon, and after careful evaluation of all applications, MoreThanAJob team, announced the 2 winning projects out of 26 projects in Lebanon with the participation of the main (PA) actors in Lebanon.

The call for sub-grants aimed at financing SSE-PA cooperation projects aiming at improving welfare and social services for vulnerable groups to increase their opportunities of social and labour inclusion.

The first winning project titled" Psychosocial and economic resilience of women in deprived areas" targets vulnerable women and girls from different rural areas who are the most affected by the ongoing aftermath of the political and socio-economic crisis in Lebanon (socio-economic collapse, ongoing uprisings, a debt crisis, Beirut’s port explosion, rising political instability, Covid-19 global pandemic, etc.)

Through the project, vulnerable women will be supported by providing them with primary and essential protection services throughout peer-to-peer counselling sessions and their integration in the labour market by initiating income generation and employment opportunities.

The second winning project titled" Carving out a better path forward" intends to address the inequalities present within the Lebanese labour market, particularly in the most deprived areas in Lebanon such as Beirut, Mount Lebanon and Bekka. Through implementing this project, new sets of skills and qualifications amongst under-skilled workers, especially those coming from less privileged areas in Lebanon will be cultivated. Help and support will be provided to those who are deeply affected by the situation in Lebanon through offering health and safety in the workplace awareness sessions, vocational trainings for under skilled labour and soft skills trainings.

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