MENAWARA trains 10 farmers on the maintenance of irrigation network in Beit Dajan, Palestine


As part of the MENAWARA  project, on 26th April a group of farmers in Beit Dajan, Palestine, has attended a training session on the maintenance of the irrigation network that will be installed in the irrigation plots. Indeed, proper maintenance of an irrigation system (life cycle of the pipelines, filters cleaning, etc)  involves having a working knowledge of the functionality of the basic components that are common in all systems. 

This knowledge can be directed toward detecting and preventing problems associated with improperly functioning systems, thus preventing deterioration of the systems. These maintenance checks also help with water conservation and safety. Despite the severe political and military situation, the venue of the village Council in Beit Dajan has been made available to technicians of the Ministry of Agriculture to transfer theoretical information about using the treated wastewater.

Later on, a field session was organized to demonstrate to the participants some of the aspects presented during the theoretical part. The farmers have actively participated in this training, and  have expressed their interest to increase their capacity building, as the project is planning to carry on with a number of training sessions in order to guarantee a proper functionality and maintenance of the irrigation networks .