Against Coronavirus. But don't forget climate crisis

Franco Rivolli

Italy put in place draconian measures against Coronavirus. We hope they can contain the surge of cases that has deeply taxed the capacity even of a well-regarded health care system.

However, we cannot forget the thousands of human beings fighting for a better future in less fortunate places in the world. So we invite you to watch The Climate Limbo by Elena Brunello, Paolo Caselli, and Francesco Ferri with the support of APS Cambalache, FrameVoiceReport, and EU: a documentary that analyses how climate change impacts on migrations and fuels poverty and wars.
Until March 22 ( World Water Day, 2020 focus: #ClimateChange), the authors and the production made the vision of The Climate Limbo freely available to everyone on this web page

We thought of accepting this "gift" as further encouragement to work towards a world that we wanted better even before Coronavirus. The MENAWARA project wants to be a small but effective contribution in this sense. And it will be even when the storm will be over.

Thanks to the directors and to Franco Rivolli Art for the nice illustration.