MEDWAYCAP project gives a presentation on sustainable water management to 350 students in Greece


MEDWAYCAP participated in the "9th Anatolia College Science and Technology Annual Conference (ACSTAC)" held from 10th to 12th March, which was attended by more than 350 female and male students from different parts of Greece. The central axis of the 9th ACSTAC was green education and the importance of linking the concept of sustainability and social responsibility with STE(A)M. In this context, Dr K.V. Plakas, MEDWAYCAP Coordinator, gave a presentation during the Opening Ceremony - "Saving and Recycling Water for a Sustainable Future" and led the workshop "From Thalis to Leal: looking for modern and innovative solutions for cleaning and sustainable water management".

Through presentations, experiments and interactive games, this workshop aimed to present modern, environmentally friendly and economically beneficial technological solutions for the purification of fresh water, but also of alternative water resources, such as seawater, urban sewage, degraded groundwater, with the aim of eliminating the lack of fresh water, especially in the arid regions of the world. MEDWAYCAP's innovative non-conventional water (NCW) management solutions were duly presented and integrated into the workshop to the great enthusiasm of those attending.