MEDWAYCAP Palestine: an open day demonstration site to showcase and transfer best practices in non-conventional water supply


An important meeting took place in Jenin, Palestine, where a wide range of people, including farmers, local stakeholders, private sector representatives, practitioners and technicians were brought together to learn and understand the implementation of best practices related to wastewater reuse as a non-conventional water resource. The event, which took place on 28 May, witnessed the active participation of around 11 participants from various sectors, who eagerly engaged in the informative session held in the Kfereth area and pumping station, organised by the Palestinian Wastewater Engineer Group (PWEG), a valued partner of the MEDWAYCAP project.

Participants represented a wide range of backgrounds, including farmers who depend on water for their agricultural needs, local stakeholders with a vested interest in sustainable resource management, private sector actors seeking innovative solutions, and dedicated engineers and technicians with expertise in the field. This diverse mix of participants contributed to a rich and lively discussion throughout the event.

During the visit, the demonstration sites showcased best practices that have been successfully implemented in the Jenin region. These sites served as practical examples, highlighting the transformative potential of wastewater reuse as an alternative water source. The invaluable experience and knowledge shared during the event provided participants with a deeper understanding of these good practices, enabling them to envisage their applicability in their respective fields.

A particularly noteworthy presentation was given by Eng. Muneer Jaradat, the Executive Director of JWWU (Jenin Wastewater Utility). Eng. Muneer shared insights into the operation of the Kfereth Pumping Station and highlighted the importance of incorporating additional non-conventional water resources for irrigation purposes. His informative talk resonated with the audience, leaving a lasting impression and inspiring further exploration of innovative water resource management solutions.

In conclusion, the meeting in Jenin brought together a range of stakeholders who actively participated in the presentations and discussions. The event showcased the successful implementation of good practices related to wastewater reuse and highlighted the importance of non-conventional water resources for sustainable irrigation. The knowledge and experience shared during the event will undoubtedly contribute to the main objectives of the MEDWAYCAP project, namely to promote innovation and cross-border cooperation between local and regional authorities and potential financial institutions.