MEDWAYCAP: An alliance for a long term capitalization strategy at Mediterranean level to improve non-conventional water supply, management and reuse.


The Alliance formed and matured within MEDWAYCAP represents the corner stone to jointly reach and contribute to the achievement of the Union for Mediterranean (UfM) Water Agenda goals and objectives. The Alliance aims to exploit the consolidated results of the innovative approaches developed to improve non-conventional water (NCW) supply, management and reuse, reinforce their impact, reach and magnitude, share experiences, knowledge and good practices, and structure new multilevel networks of stakeholders across the Mediterranean, leveraging on the potential of MEDWAYCAP inventory platform. 

This alliance will enable the establishment of a solid bond between higher level decision-makers and practitioners (CoPs- Communities of Practice) for the future development of the Mediterranean Water Management Framework and a more effective intergovernmental framework structure, facilitating a better bottom-up approach, and progressively building a reference basis for decision-making. By strengthening institution-wide coordination at Mediterranean level between the partners, the complementarity, cohesion, coordination, and promotion of joint activities will be ensured. This process shall finally design a Mediterranean pathway toward an integrated vision of the water governance at domestic and agricultural level. 

The Alliance was formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signed by the project partners and associated partners, which is part of a more comprehensive capitalisation strategy. It is based on an integrated vision of water governance, resulting from the “Regional Framework” elaborated during the first and the second Innovation Camp, held in Tunisia (8-9th February 2023) and in Jordan (9-10th May 2023) respectively, following and adapting the challenges tackled in the official European guideline by the JRC (Joint Research Centre) Unit on Territorial Development.

The Parties to the Memorandum agreed to develop and implement an advocacy strategy and to establish measurable milestones to assess the pertinence of their joint initiative for the main outcomes sought.
The main purposes and scopes of the MoU are the institutional commitment, horizontal facilitation of relations/communication among same-role insiders across the MED countries, reinforcement and support of each other’s capacity building activities, setting up of a common space for the Mediterranean Community of Practice (CoP) to create connections with high-level EU decision makers, technology and market experts.

The Memorandum also aims to contribute to enriching and disseminating the NCW inventory platform, developed in the frame of the MEDWAYCAP project; as well as to coordinating efforts and building initiatives to increase the support to the Mediterranean medium-long term strategy for the treatment, reuse, and management of NCWR (Non-Conventional Water Resources) at the domestic and agricultural levels, and last but not least to support science-policy dialogue.

We are also glad to announce that “The Parliament Magazine” has released a comprehensive article on MEDWAYCAP, shedding light on its remarkable achievements. “The Parliament Magazine” is a renowned European publication known for its in-depth coverage of policy matters within the European Union and the broader European region. With a readership that includes policymakers, legislators, and experts, the magazine has become an influential platform for discussing critical issues influencing the continent. The release of this article underscores the significance of the MEDWAYCAP project in the context of European and Mediterranean affairs.

For an in-depth reading the full article can be accessed through this link.