MEDUSA partners launch Mediterranean Adventures platform at Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) 2022


The MEDUSA project partners from Catalonia, Jordan, Lebanon, Puglia and Tunisia participated in the Adventure Travel World Summit 2022, which was held at the Lugano Arts and Culture Center in Lugano Switzerland from October 3rd until 6th 2022. ATWS is a major global event for adventure travel professionals where more than 750 delegates from every sector of the adventure travel industry, including tour operators, as well as adventure travel writers and influencers from around the world attended.

MEDUSA partners at ATWS 2022

This four-day event – the first in-person since 2019 – was a wonderful opportunity to meet people around the globe and share similar values, to attend up to date practices in the Tourism sector to learn innovative and fruitful tips. ATWS 2022 was the opportunity to lunch the MEDITERRANEAN ADVENTURE Initiative elaborated and created by the MEDUSA project and showcase its treasures, to promote Adventure and Soft Tourism in the Mediterranean to the influential adventure travel decision-makers, to advance the project’s knowledge of adventure travel trends and last but not least to announce the launch of  “Mediterranean Adventures” online platform and encourage registration to FAM trips in the 5 countries Catalonia, Jordan, Lebanon, Puglia and Tunisia.

Launching of the Mediterranean Adventures platform

Mediterranean Adventures platform promotes adventure activities and experiences. It aims to increase the visibility and attractiveness of less-known regions reflecting the authenticity, natural and cultural highlights of Catalonia, Jordan, Lebanon, Puglia and Tunisia and to increase international tourist arrivals in the participating destinations. The platform contributes to raising the competitiveness of the local tourism businesses and generating benefits for the local communities and to give destinations and their official partners a stronger market positioning in the international travel market through joint marketing activities and branding.