MedTOWN's 'The Phoenix Journey': a learning process for the coproduction of environmental and inclusion policies


MedTOWN's 'The Phoenix Journey' programme was submitted at Eskura Summit 2021 in San Sebastian, Spain, on Wednesday, October 6th

The initiative, a learning process for the coproduction of environmental and inclusion policies, was presented at the III International Seminar On Human Rights Educational Resources: Pedagogical initiatives on environmental and human rights for citizenship', organized by Eskura Centre and held in Kursaal Donostia, San Sebastian, Spain, on October 2021.

In the framework of session related to community projects, public policies, good practices by states and authorities etc., key speech about MedTOWN's formative programme to provide transformative pathways for ecosocial co-production, was given by Jose Ruibérriz (Social & Solidarity Economy Focal Point at ACPP) and Georgia Karavageli, MedTOWN project leaders.

About 'The Phoenix Journey'

Through 'The Phoenix Journey', MedTOWN aims to provide the training to trust co-production instruments and processes that may improve environmental & social inclusion policies.The first step is start by opening project's own organisations' eyes and changing the way their own teams approach these relationships and their interactions in other projects. So next 13th & 15th October 2021 there will be online training on new economies and ecosocial transition for the Assembly for Cooperation for Peace (ACPP) personnel, as Lead Beneficiary, designed and delivered by MedTOWN's experts team from the Transition Network, reached about forty people from ACPP delegations around the world. After that, 'The Phoenix Journey' training will continue with other MedTOWN partners.

About MedTOWN speakers

Georgia Karavangeli is the director and coordinator of the Mediterranean cooperation project MedTOWN and has been working at ACPP (Assembly of Cooperation for Peace) since 2019, when she moved from Greece to Spain. In 2020 she was elected Counselor for International Affairs at the REAS Network of SSE networks. With a sound academic background in the field of international relations and economic and regional development, Georgia is an expert who works on European cooperation projects, coordinating multi-stakeholder projects in several countries. As a consultant in networking and the development of the alternative economy, she has taken part in cooperation and research projects on the Social and Solidarity Economy.

José Ruiberriz de Torres López is part of the Assembly of Cooperation for Peace management team. He has more than 20 years of experience in international cooperation, on occasions as an expatriate (as Head of Mission in Palestine and team Coordinator in the Middle East), and running cross-border projects with high strategic value. He has acquired broad experience in community organization and processes to co-create public policies and has specialised his activity in the field of the Social and Solidarity Economy and innovation in the public sector.

About Eskura Summit 

Eskura Center is a centre that provides training on human rights, located in Donostia-San Sebastián (Spain) and founded in collaboration with the Basque Country government, the District Council of Gipuzkoa and the Donostia-San Sebastián Cityhall.

The Center holded its 3rd International Seminar on Human Rights Educational Resources on 2021 focusing this edition focused on the relationship of Environment and Human Rights.

Nowadays we are aware that a risk-free clean, healthy and sustainable environment guarantees the ability to exercise human rights. The awareness and exercising of fundamental rights are also becoming vital to keep ecosystems in balance, such as the right to education, information, public participation and effective resources as regards the violation of rights. 

For all these reasons, different international, national and local experts, including MedTOWN team, addressed topics such as the eco-pacifism, the eco-feminism, the eco-social education, the co-production of environmental and social inclusion policies, the land defenders, the situation of the oceans and the cryosphere, the eco-leadership, the responsible consumption... Tackling these from an educational perspective.


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