MedTOWN in Tunisia: Lingare Festival transforms the Medina of Tunis into a Social Innovation Station


The second edition of the Lingare Festival was organised by the TCSE - Centre Tunisien de l'Entrepreneuriat Social (Tunisian Centre for Social Entrepreneurship), MedTOWN partner in Tunisia. Held on 27 May 2023, it transformed the Medina of Tunis into a veritable station of social innovation.

After the first edition, which featured 7 stations and co-creation workshops around 5 themes and the participation of 17 innovative projects from several regions of Tunisia and 200 visitors, the second edition of the Lingare Festival renewed its celebration of innovation and social entrepreneurship in the heart of the Medina of Tunis, reaching almost 450 visitors in the activities organised throughout the day. On social media, Lingare Festival reached a total of 19892 people, resulting in 3000 post engagement. The festival was also covered by one of the most prominent digital media in Tunisia, Faza, resulting in 6,300 views and 175 post engagements, on the event coverage video linked here

With the aim of introducing participants to the creation of sustainable economic solutions that address social, cultural and environmental issues using a playful approach, four stations with different themes were made available for participants to discover innovative social initiatives up close. Guided tours were organised to help visitors explore the Co-creation & Inspiration; Co-production; Responsible Consumption and Gamification stations, all housed in the Medina houses and restaurants that welcomed festival-goers with open arms.

Through these different stations, visitors had the chance to explore the initiatives of Tunisian social entrepreneurs and to exchange ideas on the social and solidarity economy through a variety of interactive workshops, inspiring exchanges, cultural and educational games based on the SDGs, workshops on co-creating socially responsible products, constructive debates on the social and solidarity economy (SSE) and co-production, and many other activities that marked the day.

MedTOWN project got involved in three of the stations. Two women-led cooperatives led the Sustainable Consumption Hub. Ten social enterprises (SEs) took part of the Co-creation Hub, where they received an indirect market support, as they got to promote their businesses (products and services) and boost their visibility among visitors and participants.

Moreover, Lingare Festival dedicated a hub for Co-production, where two debates were hosted around two different themes related to SSE in relation to Tunis old city, called Medina, and the future of co-production in the Medina.

The Centre Tunisien pour l'Entrepreneuriat Social-TCSE is an association under Tunisian law, created in 2012 with the vision of making social entrepreneurship a pillar of the Tunisian economy, by offering sustainable and innovative solutions to the economic and social problems facing Tunisian society.

This second edition was part of MedTOWN project, TRAIT D'union and "Dignifying the working conditions of the domestic sector - Phase II" projects, co-financed respectively by ENI CBC MED programme, the Italian Ministry of Interior and the Generalitat Valenciana (Spain). It was organised by TCSE-Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship, in partnership with private and public actors of the social and solidarity economy, who work for the enhancement of the Medina of Tunis: Dar Ben Achour housing the Tunis City Library, La Rachidia, Dar el Sanaa, Dar el Collectif, Dar El Harka, Dar Slah and Doken restaurants.