MedTOWN in Spain raises awareness about the advantages of Social and Solidarity Economy to high school students


This pilot project financed by MedTOWN in Spain, executed by the non-profit entity PRECOSOL, aims to introduce to high school students in District V of Huelva -one of the neigbourhoods with the highest unemployment rate in the city- how social entrepreneurship and social solidarity economy can contribute to the creation of decent jobs and the development of local economy.

The first training activities for students are being carried out in order to start up their local social business ideas with the support of the Andalusian Entrepreneurship Center. So far, two sessions have been held, on 13th December 2022 and 24th January 2023, in which approximately 150 high school students from Huelva, had “motivation discussions” to better understand the development of social entrepreneurship ideas.

The main purpose is bringing the community academics & experts closer to teachers & students and raise awareness on the importance of including training & knowledge about the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in the educational programmes of the high schools of Huelva.