MedTOWN in Spain provided digital skills to more than 300 people at risk of exclusion or social vulnerability


The social pilot project "I Can Too", funded by MedTOWN in Spain, reached more than 300 people at risk of exclusion or social vulnerability  in disadvantaged neighborhoods of Seville.


The call launched from Spain by MedTOWN project for the funding of two social pilot projects concluded successfully. One of the beneficiary projects, "Yo también puedo / I Can Too" was led by the Association "La Casa de Todos" and its partner entity the Association "Antonio Machado del Sur". The project was carried out from October 2022 to May 2023 in the city of Seville, in particular in the Cerro Amate and Polígono Sur Districts, two neighborhoods with a high population at risk of social exclusion.

The main objective of the project was to reduce the digital divide among the population by providing training to the residents of these districts on administrative procedures in their daily lives and making them self-sufficient in dealing with public administrations.

To achieve this goal, nearly thirty group-training sessions were conducted, reaching 136 direct users and over 300 people indirectly. Likewise, 380 individualized support sessions were also provided as part of the project to assist users with administrative questions and procedures.

Project beneficiaries at la asociación "La Casa de Todos" in Sevilla
Project beneficiaries

‘I Can Too’ also included training sessions for volunteers and professionals from both organizations so that all members can assist users, ensuring that project’s benefits are long-lasting and guaranteeing its sustainability and social impact.

MedTOWN project aims to support the role and capacities of SSE actors in the fight against poverty, inequality, social exclusion and environmental unsustainability in six Mediterranean countries (Portugal, Jordan, Spain, Palestine, Greece and Tunisia). It is led by Assembly for Cooperation for Peace (ACPP), a non-profit NGDO that defends democratic values from a social and economic justice perspective, and it is cofinanced by ENI CBC Med Programme. 

The social pilot project ‘I Can Too’ had a total cost of €27,365.25 (€23,670.94 funded by ENI CBC funds and the difference by ACPP). With a total budget of €300,000 euros for funding social pilot projects, MedTOWN supported similar calls in Spain, Portugal, Jordan, Palestine and Tunisia. They were all linked to social innovation and aimed at improving the lives of people in Mediterranean countries through social and solidarity economy initiatives that generate a positive impact on communities, quality of life and future opportunities.

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