MedTOWN in Palestine develops pilot projects on recycling old clothes and promoting beekeeping boxes


Members of the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC), Palestinian partner of MedTOWN, are implementing field visits in the municipality of Beitillu to follow the progress of the four pilot projects that have been granted. Here are some information about 2 of them.

Recycling old clothes

The first visit on 24th September 2023 was to the local women’s association, where they are doing a great work in recycling the old clothes. Participants in the project have made amazing pieces of art and they are showing the handmade items in their association. In addition, during September they are receiving training in this field.

One of most interesting results was that these women were able to include women from the community and even they hired three women for this project. Moreover, they have one volunteer, a woman with disability, very committed and passionate about the idea and development of this pilot project.

Beekeeping boxes

The second visit was to the agriculture cooperative, which is managing a pilot project on beekeeping boxes. There is an agreement between the members who are benefiting from this grant and the cooperative that is managing the honey and analysing how it is distributed among them.

Beekeeping boxes

They all contribute to the maintenance and development of this traditional activity that is so beneficial to the community and to the life of the bees, which are so important for nature and the planet.

This are two examples of how MedTOWN’s grants are helping to develop projects that benefit the community, support its traditional activities, help to preserve the environment and demonstrate that co-production and the social and solidarity economy (SSE) serve for social inclusion and well-being of the municipalities in the Mediterranean Basin.