MedTOWN is inviting Women-Led Cooperatives based in Grand Tunis to apply for the entrepreneurial support training sessions in the Female Force Studio


The Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship – TCSE is launching a call for applications for women-led cooperatives based in Grand Tunis. In total, 30 women for at least 3 cooperatives will benefit from personalized support, aligned with the needs of the cooperative, to improve their entrepreneurial and digital skills and enable them to have better access to markets and public spaces for the promotion of their products.


The activity is implemented under the MedTOWN project financed by the ENI CBC MED Programme and the Spanish Cooperation Project "Rendre dignes les conditions du travail de soins Phase II '' that is financed by the Regional Goverment of Valencia. The overall aim of the action is to democratize women’s access to economic knowledge and to ensure their economic emancipation. Consequently the action will seek to engage female entrepreneurs and workers in the public sphere, enhance their digital skills, enable them to be financially autonomous in a sustainable manner and increase the visibility of their products and services offline and online. Cooperatives are invited to apply before the 22nd of February in the following link


More information of the Call can be found on the following FactSheet