MedTOWN: BELA FLOResta, taking the neighbourhood sense of ownership one step forward in Portugal


MedTOWN project supported a social collaborative pilot project in Bela Flor (Campolide, Lisbon, Portugal) to bloster the neighbourhood's citizen. The Bela FlorEsta Comunitária project, coproduced by three local association and the Junta de Freguesia de Campolide through Bela Flor Agroforest, was implemented along 2023 and still continues.

During the month of May 2023, a call for applications was launched for a Financing Grant regarding community co-production initiatives within the scope of the MedTOWN project, with a maximum funding of 10,000 euros.

This grant was aimed at initiatives carried out in Bairro da Bela Flor, continuing MedTOWN focus and the work developed with local entities and volunteers throughout the project in this vulnearable neighbourhood. Several informal talks were held at Bela Flor, to clarify how the application rules, objectives and impacts. On the 17th of May, a formal awareness session was promoted at Bela Flor attended by around 20 people, including individual residents and local associations and organizations.

Junta de Freguesia de Campolide, MedTOWN partner in Portugal, received one application that brought together several activities proposed by the community for Bela Flor, considering as main promoter ADM Estrela Association, in consortium with BOA Collaborativa Association, which has been active in Bela Flor for several years, and GlocalDecide Association, that is the responsible manager of the local community room. This Application included also Bela Flor Agroforest, the Bela Flor Community Commission and the Bela Flor Community Group.

This pilot project proposal, called Bela FlorEsta Comunitária, includes activities such as:

  • Community production of food and maintenance of agroforestry
  • Training in food production and management of an urban agroforestry system, including the creation a seed bank
  • Promotion of an Agroforest Atelier focused on environmental education, visual arts and musical rhythms in nature
  • Promotion of activities in the Community Room, such as Sewing, Cooking, Visual Arts and Design
  • Promotion of community shared lunches and snacks on activity days
  • Promotion of international sports/cultural activities in the Bela Flor housing cooperative room

Bela FlorEsta Comunitária was ideated by the community and is fully promoted by the three formal associations in the consortium, with the support of the three informal ones and Junta de Freguesia de Campolide.









MedTOWN project aims to support the role and capacities of Social and Solidarity Econony actors in the fight against poverty, inequality, social exclusion and environmental unsustainability in six Mediterranean countries (Portugal, Jordan, Spain, Palestine, Greece and Tunisia). It is led by Assembly for Cooperation for Peace (ACPP), a non-profit organisation that defends democratic values from a social and economic justice perspective, and it is cofinanced by ENI CBC Med Programme. 

Bela Flor is fully activated and creating opportunities to improve the public space and basic structures of the neighborhood, opening it to the city, cooperating and recreating the already existing resources. We hope to keep up the pace and maintain this interest, commitment and level of responsibility of all the engaged partners.


Bela Flor is coproduction…and joy!


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