MedRiSSE Wiki starts to take shape to serve the Mediterranean social and solidarity economy sector

In October 2022, the partners of the project MedRiSSE have been trained in five 3-hour sessions to learn about how to best use the collaborative Wiki tool. The MedRiSSE Wiki will concentrate and demonstrate the knowledge brought by 5 projects that were funded by ENI CBC MED programme to support social and economic inclusion through the Social Solidarity Economy sector.

During the learning workshops participants learned how to edit pages, create and share content and knowledge about co-production, social economy, social entrepreneurship, social inclusion of vulnerable groups and access to finance for social solidarity initiatives. The sessions were facilitated by the Red de Transición, experts contracted by the Asamblea de Cooperación por la Paz (ACPP), Lead Beneficiary of the project with a large experience in social transformation and transition initiatives.

The MedRiSSE Wiki is an online learning repository that will be available for innovators, researchers and policy makers to improve their skills in co-production, social entrepreneurship and social innovation in public sector. It will be available soon in the MedTOWN Widened Community of Practice (WCoP) too, another ENI CBC MED funded project. All you need to do is to stay tuned and join our community here.

Both the MedRiSSE Wiki and the WCoP will be part of the Mediterranean Digital Lab on Co-production that is currently under development.