MedRiSSE organised a webinar on women’s cooperatives


On Wednesday 30thof March 2023, the fifth webinar developed by An-Najah National University (Palestine) along with the partnership of the MedRiSSE project to harvest learning and knowledge took place virtually, with the title "Empowering Women through Women's Cooperatives".

This session, that gathered almost 50 participants, offered the opportunity to discover 5 women’s cooperatives of each one of the territories where MedRiSSE is being implemented. These cooperatives and speakers were: Eva Morales Soler from Cotidiana (Spain), Vanessa Cento from QUID social cooperative (Italy), Leila Mastouri from Lella Kmar (Tunisia), Houria Al-Doumi from High Taste Cooperative Association (Jordan) and Morhfa Husain from Bizzaria cooperative society for mutual benefit (Palestine).

Each one of the cooperatives representatives had the opportunity to introduce to the audience their origins, activities and the political and social environment where their members develop their work. Among them, Cotidiana from Spain brought their projects in schools and neighbourhoods for a more ecologic and healthier communities or Lella Kmar from Tunisia that presented their actions on the agricultural sector and how they transform wheat into products and how all the members participate in the process.

After the presentations, there was a lively discussion on the main challenges for the women entrepreneurs in each one of the territories and how they overcome troubles to the good development of the activities and the welfare of the women members of the cooperatives.

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