MedRiSSE fosters debate on public sector involvement in social innovation projects in Mediterranean countries

The National University of An-Najah, Palestinian partner of MedRiSSE, organised a webinar on the 10th November 2022 entitled "Public Institutions and Social Innovation Projects: Building Trust" which was attended by more than 30 participants from five different countries. During the session, questions such as the definition of the Social and Solidarity Economy or how to get commitment and involvement from the public sector were put on the table, allowing participants to present their opinions and experiences.

In addition, a lively debate arose on other relevant issues such as the legal framework necessary to operate with public entities or the way to create a real joint work to ensure that proposals and projects reach good results. In this regard, the event provided an insight into current experiences in the Palestinian territories with regard to public sector involvement.

This webinar is the second of ten that the MedRiSSE project will organise, allowing both partners and stakeholders to learn about the context and reality of social innovation and to help to increase the knowledge of the Social and Solidarity Economy in Mediterranean countries.