MedRiSSE: Do you know about the advantages of having a Digital Mediterranean Co-Production Lab for better social services?


Through the MedRiSSE project, the Agricultural Development Association (PARC) from Palestine, is working on the development and creation of a digital lab platform to assist SSE practitioners in the Mediterranean Sea Basin on the capitalisation and replication of social innovation initiatives and in the exchange of best practices that were distinguished in the ENI funded projects MedTOWN, MoreThanAJob, MedUp!, RUWOMED and IESS!.

The Mediterranean Co-production Lab’s role will be to bring social innovation and design-thinking to the attention of policy and decision makers engaged in public service reform and to create a conducive environment for SSE to participate in the co-creation and delivery process of public utilities in the Mediterranean region. It will bring together people, public institutions, researchers and SSE entities from the MedTOWN Community of Practice (CoP), the MedRiSSE Widened CoP and wiki for the exploration of ideas, experimentation and capacity that will be dynamised by a team of experts.

Its most innovative element is that it will provide a “Bank of ideas” space and crowdfunding option through a system of innovation tokens with the use of blockchain technology in order to encourage collaboration and provide potential donors and partners with full transparency and traceability regarding the use of their donation.

Its vision is to help bring about, through the coproduction of innovative public policies, the political, socioeconomic, and cultural shifts that the countries of the Mediterranean basin require, in order to achieve more sustainable, prosperous, equitable, and democratic communities.

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