MedRiSSE: capitalizing European projects with feminist economy and social & solidarity economy perspective


In the context on 8th March 2022, International Women's Day, MedRiSSE claims the project gender perspective through feminist economy and social & solidarity economy, and highlights capitalized projects RUWOMED and MedTOWN, among others. 


MedRiSSE project 'Replicable SSE innovations in the provision of services and the creation of decent jobs in the post-crisis recovery Covid-19' seeks to highlight innovative experiences in the provision of public services and the creation of fair and quality jobs in a post-pandemic world - those generated by RUWOMED and MedTOWN among others - to replicate and amplify them and which also has as one of its main objectives the promotion of social inclusion and the fight against women's poverty.

Through MedRiSSE, it is applied the knowledge gained from the successful RUWOMED project, led by ACPP and funded by the EU in the framework of the previous ENPI CBC Med programme. The results obtained were very positive with the application of SSE tools in cooperation with feminist economic values, supporting hundreds of women in Palestine and Lebanon in developing small businesses in the agro-food sector to work and contribute to their family's income. MedTOWN aims to be the continuation element by applying this social innovation perspective to European projects.

MedRiSSE aims to generate clear evidence and solutions to overcome existing problems around women's poverty and the shortage of gender-responsive public services, which have been exacerbated by the pandemic; and will empower public institutions, the donor community, SSE enterprises, and local organizations to find sustainable, low-cost and innovative solutions to help deliver quality social welfare services. Supporting the development of national, regional and local social economy and feminist ecosystems will be an important step to boost job creation and innovation to foster social inclusion.

A version of the article was published on April's newsletter edited in Spain by Asamblea de Cooperación por la Paz (ACPP), MedRiSSE project lead beneficiary,  to report on the most important activities carried out by the organization around the world during the previous months.

You can read the complete article (in Spanish) at this link.

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