MedRiSSE builds up on MedTOWN´s tool to enhance the spirit of collaborative work


MedRiSSE partners met on a collaborative design session for the project’s widened community of practice (WCoP). The online meeting held on July 14th 2022 and led by the WCoP facilitators from Red de Transición, begun stating this essential concept: ‘the community is made up of people & we provide them with tools, so we need to decide on clear channels to make them feel that this is a workspace they can share’. 

The community must be based on trust, so the conversation continued discussing the best ways to make it useful for very busy people. The aim is to get on board people that are looking for good experiences to replicate and keep them interested to build synergies & create future collaborations. A special care is paid to involve the locals from the ongoing local actions from our previous projects, so the WCoP may also be useful for them. 

The WCoP, that scales up from MedTOWN’s pre-existing community of practice, wants to deal with the expectation of the people who are new to this community and involve them in the development.

How people involved are enriched by working together is a great value for the community. The tool is intended to be a space to learn from each other and exchange experiences, gathering documents, case studies & useful information. Also, a meeting place to be in contact with colleagues working on similar topics & find a common terminology; and foremost, sharing new ways of working together, helping other people and solving issues collectively. This new way of working implies that reflecting with other people can generate new information, different outlooks, and allow the members of the community to realise their own ongoing progress.

Now it is time to harvest the fruits of this meeting and work on the next steps. After the summer, more meetings are foreseen to keep working together and continue deliberating about the future and the sustainability of the WCoP, even beyond the life of MedRiSSE, as it is a key project goal to keep the community alive.

More info about the CoP, here.