Med4Waste will support Akkar Al-Atika in Lebanon to work on a more sustainable waste management model


Many local government representatives in different regions across the Mediterranean are facing a common concern: how to improve the management of their urban waste. In the case of Akkar Al-Atika, this concern led them to participate in the Med4Waste mentoring scheme, which has enabled them to be one of the 6 Mediterranean towns that will receive support and guidance to introduce sustainable waste management solutions from this ENI CBC Med capitalization project. The first meeting held in the framework of this partnership, which took place at the end of March 2023, was a great success, and it was just the first of a series of working meetings that will also include technical experts and field visits to the pilot experiences of some waste projects also funded by ENI CBC Med programme.

Akkar Al-Atika is a town located in the north of Lebanon interested in developing a waste management plan that leads them to a more sustainable waste management system. With household waste production at around 12 tonnes per day, the town is currently reliant on a private company to manage their waste, which is separated by hand and then buried in the Srar landfill. But the town is eager to change this by getting their citizens involved in source separation, effectively sorting recyclable material, and selling it to interested companies to generate revenue. This will help cover waste management costs while reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill and promoting awareness of solid waste sorting and disposal.




The Med4Waste mentoring scheme, coordinated by MedCities, one of the Spanish partners of Med4Waste, will provide the town with the necessary support and resources to achieve some of these goals. Through the mentoring scheme, the town will receive guidance and advice on waste management solutions that are suitable for their specific needs. Additionally, BusinessMed, Tunisian partner of Med4Waste, will provide mentorship to two local SMEs or start-ups to develop innovative solutions that will contribute to the achievement of the town's waste management objectives.

Through its enrollment in the Med4Waste mentoring scheme, Akkar Al-Atika is taking a significant step towards a more environmentally conscious future. Furthermore, the participation of Akkar Al-Atika and other communities participating in the scheme hold the potential to serve as an inspiration to other towns and cities in the region to implement new sustainable waste management practices.