Med4waste in Lebanon is looking to hire a mapping and communications consultant on waste management


Environment and Sustainable Development Unit


Terms of Reference

Mapping and communications consultant



Mapping and communications consultant


The Environment & Sustainable Development Unit (ESDU) at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS) of the American University of Beirut is an inter-disciplinary research and development center specialized in rural community development, local food systems and sustainable agriculture. For more than 20 years, ESDU has been promoting through large community development projects sustainable rural livelihoods all over Lebanon. The Unit focuses on participatory development and capacity building through knowledge management and sharing, appropriate technologies, and impact analysis with particular attention to smallholder farmers, women and youth in the rural areas.

Med4Waste is a project funded by the European Union under the ENI CBCmed. It aims to facilitate new governance models for integrated and efficient urban waste management policies across the Mediterranean strategy. The project lays on a strong and experienced partnership composed by 7 organisations from 6 Mediterranean countries and reinforced by 3 pools of associated partners and supporters from the whole basin. Moreover, it encompasses up to 8 activities oriented at building skills, planning and decision-making capabilities for Mediterranean institutions from public and private sector, and based on the most successful practices previously implemented in the region. Consequently, decision policy-makers will find a platform to promote better governance in the sustainable use of resources and management of waste, moving towards more sustainable patterns of consumption and production at Mediterranean level, whilst developing joint and common policy responses.

ESDU is seeking to recruit a Mapping expert with an experience in the waste management field. He/she shall lead Med4Waste’s mapping activities, support with the analysis of outputs and identify relevant target groups and best practices in the waste management field. He/she directly coordinates with ESDU project coordinator.

Scope of Work

The Mapping expert will be primarily responsible of the following activities:

-                  Support in organizing the information from chosen projects/initiatives that Med4Waste wishes to capitalize on

-                  Develop adequate communication tools and channels for the data, outputs, and best practices achieved under the projects & initiatives

-                  Support in the design and content of the solid waste management catalogue


Essential Minimum Qualifications

-                  University Degree (Bachelor or equivalent) in marketing and/or communications or equivalent

-                  Experience in communication tools and strategy development

-                  Excellent communication skills

-                  Excellent knowledge of Arabic and English languages

-                  Good reporting skills


Preferred Qualifications

-                  Experience in solid waste management and solid waste management policy and governance



-                  3 months starting June 2022


How to Apply

-                  Deadline to submit CV: June 3, 2022

-                  Interested candidates should send their CV to: