Med4Waste launches a waste management catalogue that showcases its capitalised projects


Med4Waste waste management catalogue aims at providing waste management experts and decision-makers in the Mediterranean region with valuable insights into the remarkable accomplishments of its capitalised projects, which serve as exemplary models for replication. This catalogue offers a comprehensive overview of the implemented activities, success stories and invaluable lessons learned. Moreover, it analyses the key enabling factors that ensure the seamless transferability of the identified outputs.

Within this catalogue, five ENI CBC MED selected projects take center stage; each enveloped with innovative approaches to waste management:

1) CEOMED, Employing a circular economy approach for the organic fraction of municipal solid waste management 

2) MED-InA, A Mediterranean Integrated Alliance on Waste for cities and citizens 

3) REUSEMED, Mediterranean Basin Reuses

4) CLIMA, Cleaning Innovative Mediterranean Action 

5) DECOST, Decentralised Composting in Small Towns

Each capitalised project under Med4Waste has its dedicated chapter. These chapters cover the achievements, challenges, and compelling recommendations that pave the way for future replication efforts. The achievements encompass resource mapping, conducting surveys, developing phone apps, executing awareness-raising campaigns, and offering grants to green social enterprises.

Additionally, projects faced some challenges, including the fuel energy crisis in certain countries, a lack of governmental regulation concerning waste management, and difficulties in obtaining necessary permits and approvals from local governments for project implementation.

The content data was collected by waste management experts from American University of Beirut (AUB), and the Cooperation for the development of Emerging Countries (COSPE), Italian partner of Med4Waste. AUB was responsible for the communication with CEOMED, REUSEMED and MED-InA, while COSPE led CLIMA’s and DECOST’s. The Med4Waste team consulted open sources and used the information collected during the project’s meetings and events to enrich and verify the catalogue. Overall, the Med4Waste waste management catalogue serves as the cornerstone of innovation and knowledge-sharing, shedding light on accomplishments, overcoming challenges, and offering a roadmap for the future of waste management across the Mediterranean region and beyond. 

To access the complete catalogue, click here.