Med4Waste in Jordan launches a call for the municipality of Madaba


A. Background and context

1. The Med4Waste project

Med4Waste is a capitalisation project funded by the ENI CBC MED program focusing on waste management prioritisation. The objective of the Med4Waste project is to facilitate the emergence of new governance models for integrated and efficient urban waste management policies in the Mediterranean, with a particular emphasis on organic waste and the circular economy. This involves adapting waste management plans, policies, and other management actions, as well as normative factors, in selected territories. Med4Waste focuses on identifying successful and effective waste management practices developed by other projects, disseminating them, and integrating them into policies and public plans led by relevant public or private actors. The project is implemented in 6 countries in the region, including Spain, Greece, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, and Italy.

2. Social entrepreneurship program for integrated waste management

Through this program, the Med4Waste project aims to promote social entrepreneurship in the field of waste management, with a focus on innovative and integrated solutions. Med4Waste will provide 4 subcontracting procedures to implement a €5,000 action in support of 2 beneficiary municipalities in Jordan through the mentoring program:


This terms of reference concern only the municipality of Madaba


B. Submission of offers

Technical and financial offers, as well as requested in the terms of reference, must be sent no later than August 31, 2023 (23:59 CET) to this email: mentioning in the subject line: Submission Social Entrepreneurship Program for Integrated Waste Management (Municipality concerned).


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