Med4Waste in Jordan conducted a training in Berain municipality on waste management


On 14th of September 2023, Med4Waste held a technical and capacity raising training on waste management in Berain municipality in Jordan as part of its mentoring scheme. Berain's waste management system has been grappling with multiple challenges, primarily due to the population increase. The total population now is 35.000 inhabitants and hosts about 5.000 Syrian refugees. This has led to growth in solid waste generation, reaching approximately 25 tons per day. Unfortunately, the city lacks effective recycling and large-scale sorting practices. Even though solid waste collection fees are collected from residential, commercial, and industrial units through their electricity bills, these fees cover only about 28% of the total cost. As a result, the existing waste management system falls short in handling the growing waste stream. To add to the challenges, the municipality of Berain is facing a shortage of qualified personnel to manage the increasing volume of waste.  

During the training session, 15 municipality employees were equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for efficient waste management within Berain municipality. The training placed emphasis on the following key points: 

1. A comprehensive review of waste collection and disposal regulations to ensure that all attendees understood and complied with the measures. 

2. An in-depth exploration of cost calculations, providing a detailed breakdown of expenses for waste collection, transportation, and disposal per ton. 

3. Presentation of tailored equations for the commercial sector, offering a structured approach to computing transportation and disposal fees. 

4. Provision of insightful recommendations, drawing on best practices and innovative strategies to optimize waste management efforts within the municipality. 

The training session, with its comprehensive insights into waste regulations, cost calculations, and tailored approaches for the commercial sector, equipped participants with the tools needed for effective waste management. Through this collaboration with Med4Waste mentoring scheme, Berain municipality is poised to embark on a greener and more environmentally friendly waste management strategy, ensuring a cleaner future for the city and its residents. The partnership between Med4Waste and the municipality holds the promise of transformative change, leading to a more sustainable Berain. 

The Med4Waste mentoring scheme aims to improve waste management practices and bring together cities facing similar challenges. It is a valuable opportunity to learn from the experiences of other projects previously funded by the ENI CBC Med programme. In Jordan, the Med4Waste mentoring scheme is also supporting the municipality of Madaba as well as 4 other municipalities, 2 in Lebanon and 2 in Tunisia.